European spirit

In times long past, world-famous poets, musicians and philosophers chose the region as their home. In an age-old centre of culture, UNESCO World Heritage sites and a wealth of historical architecture bear witness to European cultural history – a spirit that continues to thrive today in our theatres, opera houses at our festivals.

Outstanding reputation

Young families, apprentices, students and skilled workers – whether from Germany or abroad – enjoy a wealth of opportunities in Erfurt, Jena, Weimar and the Weimarer Land. Quality of life here is exceptionally high. Our schools and pupils consistently excel in nationwide league tables. Cultural diversity, an attractive choice of leisure activities and a first-class education system right up to university level make our region ideally suited for young families.

A landscape for business

The Weimarer Land including its administrative centre Apolda offers both countryside of scenic beauty and a landscape for economic success. In recent years, the Weimarer Land has emerged as an attractive business location thanks to the many fantastic advantages it offers for relocating companies. The European Design Awards in Apolda have firmly established the region in the consciousness of the European fashion industry. Companies based in the area benefit greatly from synergies, which are generated by economic strength, quality of life, educational opportunities, a wealth of culture and outstanding natural beauty. But the region has always had lots going for it, even before the current boom. In Germany, it is known as the ‘Tuscany of the East’ because of its wine-growing regions, its two mineral spa resorts of Bad Sulza and Bad Berka, and its glorious scenery. And even the thermal baths here have Tuscany in their name.


01.08.2023 09:50

Workshop „Onlinemarketing für KMU: Karriere-Webseite und Stellenanzeigen“

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vocatium-Messe 2023 in Erfurt

Gespräche zu Ausbildung, Studium, Praktikum und mehr

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