Introducing a region with a bright future

Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and the Weimarer Land: we have branded our location at the heart of Germany as the Impulsregion – the region of drive and dynamism. And it's a title it fully deserves. Creativity, innovation, high-tech industries and cutting-edge research are the heartbeat of the local economy and resonate far beyond the immediate region.

This unquestionable success is made possible by the close integration of business and research as well as by the many cluster initiatives and knowledge-based networks. Turning tomorrow's visions into today's reality is our biggest strength. Great ideas are given a great opportunity to flourish. Marketable products incorporating the latest research findings are being developed here regularly.

The individual features of Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and the Weimarer Land together offer a unique composition of economic growth, pioneering research, cultural heritage and quality of life. Excellent housing, attractive working conditions and a wide choice of entertainment and leisure activities make the region a popular investment location.

The region's economy is highly diversified – new and innovative sectors, which benefit from our outstanding locational advantages, are continually emerging alongside the more traditional industries.Read on to learn more about Erfurt, Jena, Weimar and the Weimarer Land, and the many benefits our dynamic region offers.

Prosperity through knowledge

A total of over 40,000 young people study at our universities, working towards bachelor's and master's degrees and benefiting from international research partnerships. It is a fantastic opportunity to be educated in one of Europe's most attractive economic regions.

We are leaders in engineering and high-tech fields, but also in architecture, software, media, internet and design, where creativity is our strength. The integration of business and research takes highest priority.

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The heartbeat of the region

The heart of Thuringia is where it all comes together – in the ‘Impulsregion’, people are making plans, carrying out research, doing business and making important decisions.

Erfurt, a traditional centre of trade on the via regia, is one of Germany's major logistics hubs and has emerged as a key player both in the semiconductor industry and in media production. Weimar is renowned around the world as a symbol of European culture and politics and of the dawn of the modern age as articulated by the Bauhaus. Jena leads the way in technology and research, and consistently achieves high positions in nationwide rankings for Germany. The Weimarer Land – the region surrounding Weimar – has a long-standing tradition as a centre of couture and hosts the internationally regarded European Design Awards in Apolda.

Situated in the heart of Germany and Europe, we offer quick and easy access to Germany's major cities. Global enterprises utilise these logistical advantages and use the region as a base for the Asian and North American markets. Thuringia's development programme also offers support for all stages in the lifecycle of new products and technologies.

Investing in the future

In our region of drive and dynamism, businesses benefit from a range of incentives, the support of experienced development agencies and direct contact with decision-makers. The engineers, doctors, researchers and artists of the future offer a huge amount of creative potential that will sustain a thriving commercial sector. The region at the heart of Thuringia has emerged as one of Europe's major centres for research and technology. Investors have come to appreciate our strengths. Innovative technology and growth sectors such as optical technologies, medical solutions, software and e-commerce, greentech, biotechnology and nanotechnology are particularly well nurtured. Research institutes and businesses work hand in hand to develop the technologies of the future.

Education and culture

Young families, apprentices, students and skilled workers – whether from Germany or abroad – enjoy a wealth of opportunities in Erfurt, Jena, Weimar and the Weimarer Land. Our schools and pupils consistently excel in nationwide league tables.

The Impulsregion is growing – both in terms of economic output and population. Quality of life here is exceptionally high. Cultural diversity, an attractive choice of leisure activities and a first-class education system right up to university level make our region ideally suited for young families. Our schools enjoy an outstanding reputation. At the Thuringia International School (ThIS), for example, children from Germany and around the world learn together as they work towards the International Baccalaureate.

And in times long past, world-famous poets, musicians and philosophers chose the region as their home. In an age-old centre of culture, UNESCO World Heritage sites and a wealth of historical architecture bear witness to European cultural history – a spirit that continues to thrive today in our theatres, opera houses at our festivals.

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